Title: Shaken
Rating: T
Genre: One-shot, Canon/ Future Canon, Angst, Romance
Series: Bleach
Main Characters: Ichigo and Orihime
Status: Complete
Summary: Orihime puts her life on the line for Ichigo and asks for one small thing in return - a kiss.
Author's Comments: I'm not really a supporter of the whole Ichigo/Orihime shipping group. I don't think there's anything to support a romance developing between these two characters, well not yet anyway. That's kind of why I wanted to write this - to prove to myself I could do it without being a shipper. I think the experiment turned out okay. The shippers seem to like it hahaha (go figure!). In the end though, the love between them is still very much one-sided. She loves Ichigo and he loves her as a friend. Despite that, I don't think he'd deny her a kiss if it was her last request.

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