Excess Baggage

Title: Excess Baggage
Rating: T
Genre: One-shot, Drabble, Canon, Angst, Romance
Series: Inuyasha
Main Characters: Inuyasha/Kagome
Status: Complete
Summary: "If I closed my eyes, it was almost like I was there again, right back in that moment when Fate decided to part us. There were so many things that I wish I could’ve said to him, things that would never have the opportunity to be heard. It had been three years since that moment and I still couldn’t move past it. I refused to accept that this, this life, this boring, un-fulfilling, meaningless existence was my destiny. It felt wrong, in every way; it felt empty."
Author's Comments: I wrote this for the IYFIC weekly drabble contest on LJ. The theme we had to explore was "Baggage". After the end of the manga I really wanted to write a piece that explored the emotional struggle Inuyasha and Kagome must have gone through during their three year forced separation. I hope that came across in this piece. This one ended up winning first place for the challenge.
FanFiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4070441/10/Appetizers_On_Me

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