Title: Untitled
Rating: T
Genre: One-shot, Canon/ Future Canon, Angst, Romance
Series: Bleach
Main Characters: Ichigo and Rukia
Status: Complete
Summary: What happened in the hours before Orihime's final good bye?
Author's Comments: Well, I'd already explored the Ichigo/Orihime pairing so I figured it was only fair to take a look at Ichigo and Rukia's connection. I wrote this one after re-reading manga chapter 237 "Good Bye Halcyon Days". There's a scene there where Rukia's sitting on the floor of Ichigo's room keeping him company while he sleeps. It got me thinking about what could've passed between them in those long hours. I took a chance and wrote it from her perspective so hopefully it's affectionate without being sappy.
FanFiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4642892/1/Untitled

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