Pride, Before the Fall

Title: Pride, Before the Fall
Rating: M
Genre: Serial, AU, Romance, Angst, Drama
Series: Inuyasha
Main Characters: Sesshomaru/Kagome
Status: Complete
Summary: A series of drabbles written for the weekly challenges at LJ's dokuga_contest group. Everyone has secrets, some more damaging than others. For these two lovers its those inconsequential secrets that lead to their undoing. When all is said and done, can they set pride aside and find each other once again?
Author's Comments: This was my first attempt at writing a serial, one based on weekly challenge prompts, no less. When I started writing this collection I thought it might be interesting to trace the relationship backward from the end to see where things had gone wrong. I alternated each entry between Sesshomaru and Kagome's view points so that the reader could see the story from both of their perspectives. It was a really neat experiment and got a surprising reception. It was also my first attempt at writing anything Sess/Kag since I wrote SOSC - tricky but worth the effort!

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