My Sanctuary

Title: My Sanctuary
Rating: T
Genre: One-shot, Drabble, Post-Manga, Romance
Series: Inuyasha
Main Characters: Sesshomaru/Kagome
Status: Complete
Summary: "When the day was over and all the world’s obligations were met, they would return to this place, together, and find each other once again."
Author's Comments: I wrote this as a giftfic for LuxKen27, one of my favourite writers in the Inuyasha fandom. Her only stipulation was that she wanted a romantic snapshot of daily life for her favourite pairing and this is what I was able to come up with - an intimate morning scene that conveys their mutual love for each other without any words needing to be spoken. My Sanctuary was nominated for a Dokuga Award in the 2nd Q 2009 and took home second place for Best Oneshot.

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