Title: Someday
Rating: K+
Genre: One-shot, Drabble, Post-Manga, Romance
Series: Inuyasha
Main Characters: Kohaku/Rin
Status: Complete
Summary: "She, alone, could bring him happiness. He knew it just as surely as he knew that 1 + 1 equalled 2 and that his sickle’s chain was exactly one half the length of a semachi. But it wasn’t as easy as that."
Author's Comments: This was my first attempt at a Kohaku/Rin pairing. The more I think about it the more I think these two work well together. I could easily see him developing feelings for her as he got older and being equally as jealous of her adoration for Sesshomaru.

I found Kohaku tricky to characterize since we don't really get to see much of him in the series. His actions always seem to be predetermined by others in his life - his father, Naraku, and later Sesshomaru - so it's difficult to ascertain what his individual motives and drives might be.

Anyhow, this one got a really decent reception so I might just have to try my hand at more Kohaku/Rin. I'd love to get a full length fic out for them, even if it's a short one - maybe even an expansion on this idea.

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